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We offer the possibility to join world-class research groups either at Aalto University or University of Helsinki, with multiple interesting research projects to choose from. We organise two open calls for new doctoral students annually, typically in the winter and summer.

Our fully-funded doctoral student positions have gained a lot of international interest since their introduction in 2014. We appreciate applicants with diverse backgrounds and enthusiasm in computer science.

The quality of research and education in both HICT universities is excellent, and our doctoral students are typically hired as full-time employees for the duration of their doctoral studies. The average duration of doctoral studies is four years in Finland.

You are most welcome to apply for HICT doctoral student positions! Our open positions are announced on our open positions webpage.

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Doctoral studies at Aalto University and University of Helsinki

The HICT network itself does not award doctoral degrees. All doctoral students within the HICT network are doctoral students of either Aalto University or University of Helsinki.

In the Finnish university system, a person must have a Master’s degree in order to enroll for doctoral studies. Find below useful links about the eligibility requirements and doctoral studies in general at Aalto University and University of Helsinki: